What world exists inside of you? What is your wish for the earth? What needs to happen to make it so?

Welcome to INNRSPCE: Finding Life On Earth, a visual album featuring four young dancers exploring fantasy as a means for survival.

Combining the use of the body, camera, lighting and space to tell a story from the inside out, INNRSPCE is an affirmation of the agency and imaginations of young movers to find ways to continue living on this planet.

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And TONIGHT (7:30 ET) you can check out @maroonhorizon’s short film “Origin of Hair” at @blackstarfest, along with some of other great shorts! Enjoy! 🍿📽

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Thrilled to be in my favorite festival of all time @Blackstarfest this coming August. All online

Origin of Hair
Program: Kinetic
August 22, 7:30 PM

Speculating about the birth of Rock and Roll and the best curl pattern. This film explores Black queer identity and self acceptance as a pathway to personal utopia. Origin of Hair culls from Sister Rosetta Tharpe's legacy as a Black queer woman in the 50s claiming power through music and self-love. #queer #qtpoc #sisterrosettatharpe #documentary #experimentalanimation #animation #queerartist #nonbinary #blackanimator

Today we’re featuring some posts from another artist + writer we love, @maroonhorizon. First, this piece really resonated and felt like a must share. Please read below for context and also a content warning. 📡💚✨
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I wrote my first published article! Thank you @blackyouthproject for the opportunity to share resources around self-harm. Link in Bio

‪Content warning: mentions of self-harm and suicidal ideation. ‬

‪“Dispelling myths about self-injury are necessary in order to support folks who struggle with it.” -Carrie Hawks ‬

‪#BYP #health #queer

Image Description: Photo of Black person's hands with a white heart in it.

The Aftermath was a senior thesis choreographic research project created by @briihawk that premiered in April of 2019. The work was an investigation on how bodies relate and gravitate towards one another depending on circumstance and conflict. In this work, the emotional stages of the fight or flight nervous system and confrontation were honed in on closely, highlighting both the fantasies and fears that emerge out of our curiosities for the unknown. The geometrics and placement of the bodies in space highlight the roles of spectatorship versus participation.

As an artist and mental health advocate, I have always found society’s tendency to mimic one another fascinating. It’s alarming to live in a country where more people tend to value individualism over communal support. As we have dealt with the COVID pandemic on top of confronting the violence of white suprematist structures and power, it is evident that although we are told to remain isolated, we are more physically charged towards one another than we have been in quite some time. Our bodies have always been politicized as we are policed and punished for fighting against structures that wish to contain us and have always kept us apart in a country that claims to uphold unity and freedom. It is a time where we must choose whether to be a spectator or an active participant while living in a world that makes us fear our innate instincts. There is a discipline and sense of empathy that arises in revolting against these systems and barriers that make us feel that we cannot ALL be protected and thrive - the “every man for himself” mindset must be unpacked and disposed. The world is our arena to play in, to shape-shift, to battle, and to transform.

✨What are some of your tools or “super powers” used towards dismantling these structures? What world are we re-building?✨ #findinglifeonearth

Extended until July 15! View the full INNRSPCE visual album and exciting works from an array of artists at @proteomedia...
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Thank you everyone for engaging with the festival this month! Our fourth and final theme, Post/Futures, is now open! Follow the link in our bio to see the work.
Post/Futures leaves us with more questions than answers as we look towards a future that is post-now, post-this. Each of these artists is concerned with creating alternate ideas of what comes next and how we might navigate the future with a stronger sense of togetherness and commitment to each other. Among these artists is choreographer/filmmaker Tori Lawrence @torilawrenceco!
The work: "What if my being has progressed so far that I no longer belong in this land? What if our version of progress within modernist capitalist development keeps us at a distance from it all? To modernize the body so that it no longer fits." .
The artist: Tori Lawrence is a choreographer/filmmaker and the 2019-20 Artist-in-Residence and Lecturer at Middlebury College. She creates site-specific multimedia performances and analog/digital dance films. Her environmentally-based work inspires an imaginative and sustainable way of looking at, thinking about, and using space. She has been awarded grants from Lighton International Artists Exchange and NEFA to fund her recent dance film projects. She has been awarded artist residencies and fellowships at Yaddo, Djerassi, Playa, Brunakra, Ucross Foundation, Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation, Charlotte Street Foundation, Dance Ireland, and Budapest's Workshop Foundation. She received her MFA from the University of Iowa. www.torilawrence.org
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✨TONIGHT✨7pm ET✨Q&A and @sunsetsmpls dance party to follow. Link in bio. #findinglifeonearth ...

The Dark in the Light
🕺🏾:@just.indie_cisive 📷:@wrenlo416
#INNRSPCE #findinglifeonearth #FLOE

The Light in the Dark
💃🏼:@livxorouse 📷:@just.indie_cisive
#INNRSPCE #findinglifeonearth #FLOE

The Violet Archer
💃🏼:@briihawk 📷:@just.indie_cisive
#INNRSPCE #findinglifeonearth #FLOE

The Dragon's Den
💃🏻:@wrenlo416 📷:@just.indie_cisive
#INNRSPCE #findinglifeonearth #FLOE

@briihawk #findinglifeonearth ...

Entangled ~ thinking about touch and togetherness during this time especially ✨ #findinglifeonearth ...

“In this world where time has dissolved, I’m realizing that I am in fact healing...” - @briihawk .
Stay tuned for Bri to takeover this account later today! .
📸: @just.indie_cisive

What is your wish for the earth?
✨Tap into the fearless, the brave, and the bold with us as prepare to release our fantasy visual album, INNRSPCE: #findinglifeonearth, premiering May 14 7pm. Q&A to follow. Link in bio✨
Featuring: @wrenlo416 @just.indie_cisive @livxorouse @briihawk .
Choreography and co-direction: @margueriteangelicamonique .
Co-direction and produced by: @bakeddpotatoes .
DP: @sebastianlrfilm .
AD and Art Supervisor: @laiyiyiyi .
Gaffer: Kurt Voltmann
Key Grip: Maria Cabra
1st AC: Julia Moses
2nd AC: @gisellearibleuz .
PA: @aki_shawky.547389_ .
Music Composition: @solowoods .
Location: @beelectricstudio
Production Co: @lnbrkmedia

What needs to happen to make it so? ...

What is your wish for the earth? 🌎 ...