INNRSPCE: Finding Life on Earth is a youth-led media collaboration using dance as a way to indulge in fantasy during uncertain times as a means for survival. We produced a visual album consisting of four character driven solo performances interwoven with brief open-ended group encounters. We combine the use of the body, camera, lighting and space to tell a story from the inside out, honoring the agency and imaginations of young movers. This project aims to pivot the notion of power by revealing the worlds that seep out of our bodies and into the spaces around us.


INNRSPCE: Finding Life on Earth is about valuing the integrity of young people for daring to imagine a future where we embody our individual vulnerabilities, strengths and stories to find solace within ourselves during hard times. In this, we are creating space for questions like:


Despite the changes in the outside world, how can we find anchorage in the somatic spaces living inside of our bodies? Who could we become through this anchoring? How would we then relate to one another and to our surrounding environments?




Lauren Auyeung, Dancer,  @wrenlo416
Justin Bowen, Dancer,  @just.indie_cisive
Briana Hawk, Dancer,  @briihawk, website
Olivia Rousey, Dancer,  @livxorouse
Majesty Royale, Premiere MC, @babyboi.loverboi

Daniel Woods, Music Composition, @solowoods, soundcloud

Lay Yi Ohlsen, Assistant Director, Art Supervisor, website

Alexander Hage, Design Consultant

Sebastian Lasaosa Rogers, Director of Photography, @sebastianlrfilm

Kurt Voltmann, Gaffer
Maria Cabra, Key Grip
Julia Moses, 1st AC, Focus Puller
Giselle Ari Bleuz, 2nd AC, @gisellearibleuz
Aki Shawky, Production Assistant, @aki_shawky.547389_

Marguerite Hemmings, Co-Director, Choreography, @margueriteangelicamonique,

Erick Boustead, Co-Director, Producer, Editor, @bakeddpotatoes

Emigre Foods, Catering, website

Be Electric Studios, Location, website
Take Hold Creative Co., Promotions, website